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Jolijn Fiddelaers
Maastricht / Amsterdam
The Netherlands (NL)
Phone | 0031-6-10331978
| info@IXXcreates.com

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About IXXcreates
We believe that designers, being professional 'creators', have a unique chance to contribute to a more beautiful, more sustainable and more conscious life on our planet. We initiate creative projects, we make it happen and make it work. IXX inspires & creates.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world". (Gandhi)

Our ambition
IXXcreates 'Aesthetic Design for People on Earth'.
What's in a name…? Our ambition is to create high-quality products that are designed, produced and traded in a sustainable and honest way. All our partners benefit in one way or the other and the earth should not suffer from our actions. In fact, we want to contribute to a wonderful world. We challenge ourselves and the people around us to take responsibility and be the best we can be. We care for the appearance of a product but there's more: our products tell a story.

Creative Industry
IXXcreates is committed to close the gap between creative ideas, technical innovation and producing industries. We create exclusive products for the label IXX and we work on commission for brands and producing companies. Our main focus is on textile-related products, but as IXX works together with designers from various disciplines we feel free to create whatever we believe in.

Each project is a challenge to explore new fields of interest: new concepts, design methods, innovative materials, production processes, partnerships… IXX believes that true progression results from the clever fusion of tradition and innovation. We always opt for the most sustainable solution that is possible at the time, and we constantly improve our products and processes.