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Jolijn Fiddelaers
Maastricht / Amsterdam
The Netherlands(NL)
Phone | 0031-6-10331978
| info@IXXcreates.com

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The collection IXX-creates-PRINTS consists of 100% silk women's wear with exclusive prints. The prints are designed especially for IXX by various independent textile designers. IXX unites the designs in one collection and shows that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'. The IXX-logo symbolizes the synergie between 'me' (I) and 'the other' (X and X).

In this versatile and constantly-changing collection IXX shows fashion with an emphasis on innovative pattern-design. The 100% silk fabrics are printed in The Netherlands and the garments are hand-made in our own studio. All products are for sale at the IXX-online-SHOP. During IXX-presentations you can try the clothes on! (see our agenda for dates and events).We keep developing new prints! Subscribe for our monthly newsletters to be informed.

The central theme of 'Fractals' - a mathematic term for an object that displays self-similarity on all scales - refers to the basic constructive principle of 'textiles' in which the repetition of one single action results in a fabric (woven, knitted, embroidered, etc). It also emphasizes the company's motto - 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'.

As in the collection IXX-meets-INDIA once again the fibonacci-numbers play an important role in this PRINTS-collection. The numbers of the Fibonacci-range are often found in nature to demonstrate the growth of plants and trees. They show distinct resemblace to the proportians of the Golden-Ratio. Nature and natural processes are IXX´ biggest source of inspiration.

Tunic / Dress (size S-M-L)
Top (size S-M-L)
Bolero (1 size)
Skirt (1 size)

Jolijn Fiddelaers, Suzanne Vaessen, Astrid Verkoijen, Hanneke de Kort, Judith Peskens, Meike Lenssen, Joelle Boers.
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