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Jolijn Fiddelaers
Maastricht / Amsterdam
The Netherlands(NL)
Phone | 0031-6-10331978
| info@IXXcreates.com

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IXX invests in a network of creative professionals. If we feel we are inspired by one's ideas or work we sit together to discuss the possibilities for collaboration. We create chances. The label of each product contains the names of the (assistant-)designers that have contributed to the development of that specific product. Our logo IXX symbolizes the synergy between 'me' (I) and 'the people around me' (X and X)… "The whole is more than the sum of parts".

"Our designs are never the end of a thought process
but the beginning of a dialogue, an exchange of ideas."
(author unknown)

Would you like to be part of our network?
Please contact us at info@IXXcreates.com.

Jolijn Fiddelaers (1979) is owner and director of IXX. She has a background as an industrial textile-designer and teacher. ´My belief is that every human being has the power to transform possibilities into reality. My personal ambition is to work from the heart and create a climate in which wonderful things can happen.´ Jolijn is a passionate initiator, creator and entrepreneur.


Following designers have so far contributed to the IXX-collection:

Suzanne Vaessen (1987) is a young Dutch textile designer who graduated from the Academy of Arts in Maastricht in 2009. In January 2010 she started as an intern at IXX to learn about creative entrepreneurship. As a textile-designer she has contributed to the first India-collection and also visited the country in August 2010. She has a special interest in photography and digital design and she created the IXX-website!

Swathi Kumari Kondra (1986) is an Indian designer with diploma in Textile-design and -manufacturing. For 5 years she has been working at Dastkar Andhra to design hand-weaves and hand-block prints for domestic markets. She has a special knowledge in traditional block-printing and natural dyeing. Swathi is one of the designers (together with Dharmendar and Lakshmi Kumar) that took care for the coordination of the complete IXX-production in India. She participated in execution for the weaving part and finishing of the product.

Lakshmi Kumar Batta (1979) is an Indian textile designer with a diploma in Hand loom Technology. He started working for Dastkar Andhra in 1999 to design woven fabrics for domestic markets. He is an expert in hand-weaving and traditional techniques and together with his colleagues he translated the IXX-designs into actual fabrics. Design skills and technical knowledge are brought together to create high-quality handwork!

Dharmendar Vaddepalli (1982) is a bachelor in Fine Arts (with great drawing and sketching skills!). Since 2003 he has been working as a textile designer for Dastkar Andhra where he designs weaves for domestic markets. For the IXX-collection he participated in execution for the weaving part and took care of coordination for the embroidery of the fabrics for which he collaborated with other Indian crafts-organizations.